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CSCE and 605 Information

NOTICE: At the beginning of the exam, you'll be prompted to verify your personal information to ensure it aligns precisely with your identification. This involves confirming the spelling of your full legal name, address, phone number, and email. Upon completing the exam, you'll encounter two blue boxes that lead to forms containing information auto filled from your earlier confirmation. These forms are provided in advance for your review, as no changes can be made afterward. You may still request to review them if you desire to. Any alterations post-exam will require voiding the exam and starting over. Additionally, please take note of the certification bullet points at the exam's conclusion, which require your signature. Ensure your full legal name matches exactly as it appears on the photo ID presented and verified with the exam team.

The First Box, Review Quick Form 605 is the form displayed below:

The Second Box, Review CSCE is the form displayed below:

Finally understand that you are agreeing to the bullet points when you sign the certification: