Failure to read the entire procedures page on our website and the FAQ page, may result in termination of your exam. If we admit you to the exam room and notice that you are not prepared or set up according to the procedures, we will put you back in the waiting room and go to the next person. If you are not prepared a second time, you will need to schedule a new exam.

You MUST use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS for scheduling, payment, and registering for the exam!
You will be required to pay the non-refundable $15 exam fee electronically via PaypPayPal, Stripe, or the Processor.
The fee will be forwarded to the ARRL VEC after you schedule. We cannot refund after scheduling since we do not retain the fee. READ ALL REQUIREMENTS BEFORE SCHEDULING!

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All Exams are 15min!

If you need additional time, email us in advance.

Check ALL SIX CALENDARS for availability.