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Read ALL instructions and requirements for online exams before paying or registering for an exam!

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Failure to thoroughly review both the procedures page and FAQ page on our website may lead to termination of your exam. Should we grant you access to the exam room and observe that you are unprepared or have not followed the specified procedures, you will be returned to the waiting room, and the next candidate will be considered. If unpreparedness persists on a subsequent attempt, you will be required to schedule a new exam.

If your Payment email is not the same as the email you register with, we will not be able to match your payment to the exam. Make sure your name or your email match for payment and your registration. Email us immediately for any discrepancies. You may still receive a non-payment notice, since the system will not match up your payment automatically. Please be warned that variances in name and email can cause deletion.

Warning: You must be fully prepared for an online exam

How to register for a session:

  1. First you need to schedule. Do this by finding and select an available TIME SLOT using the tab “Schedule” above (A time slot is a time that you can expect to test, you will come in earlier than your time slot at the session time) This is when you pay.

  2. Pay for the exam when you schedule. (We are not a business and do not make a profit, we are all volunteers. We pay a fee to PayPal, Stripe, or the Processor when you use a credit card. Payment will be made in the schedule tab.)

  3. Watch for an email containing a link to REGISTER for the exam session. (An exam session is a time period where several applicants are testing individually)

  4. Register for the exam session. You will receive a pin number for your session. We do NOT need this for your exam. It is confirmation of registering only!


Prepare the following BEFORE your online exam session:

Prepare your exam room BEFORE the exam:

Prepare your computer BEFORE the exam:

  • You may optionally have a computer calculator app on your screen during the exam. Load it in advance if you need it. You will need it to be small and placed on the LEFT HAND side of the monitor screen. Calculator must be basi, standard, or occupy the same vertical space as shown in the figure above.

  • Download Zoom on both computer and phone and TEST them. Join audio on the computer but not the cell phone. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU PRACTICE USING ZOOM AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT. You cannot use zoom in a browser.

    If you already have a Zoom account, please LOG OUT of your Zoom account before clicking our link to join the exam. Otherwise you will be connected via your own Zoom account. You will not be offered the opportunity to correctly set the "name - computer/phone" as required in the instructions. First, open the app on both of your device(s), and sign out from your account prior to clicking on the Exam Session link. Then, join using our link in the email for both of your devices. You will then be given the opportunity to put in your name before joining the session. This is where you put your name and whether it is computer or phone. Then select to continue and join session.

  • Turn on video when in Waiting Room on both your computer and your cellular phone. Turn on the audio and unmute your microphone on the computer. DO NOT accept audio on your cellular phone. Again, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you decline/deny audio on your cellular phone.

Prepare your cell phone camera BEFORE the exam:

  • When in Waiting Room, do NOT test screen share or any other functions of zoom, doing so will result in you being removed from the session!!!

  • Leave your phone alone when we admit you to the exam!!!

  • Remember do not touch your phone when bring the device into the session. We will turn off audio. Keep your attention on your computer. If it does not work, we will disable using this procedur:

    • HOW TO DENY AUDIO ON A PHONE: For an iPhone you click “CANCEL”, for other devices you click “DENY” or “DIAL BY PHONE” or just click on the speaker’s video and not choose any option.

  • You must have an Internet-connected cell phone with built-in camera.

  • Be sure the cell phone is fully charged or plugged in.

  • Learn how to reverse the video from “selfie” mode to rear camera view and how to hold the camera in horizontal orientation.

  • You will use the phone rear camera to scan the room, the computer, and your hands for security compliance, then use the camera to observe you during the session. By signing up for an exam, you agree that you will cover any sensitive items in the room or you consent to the scanning and recording of those items.

  • Find a way to prop the phone up to see the computers keyboard and monitor from a front & side view for the duration of the exam. See Example Above.

  • Download Zoom on both computer and phone and TEST them.

  • Join audio on the computer but not the cell phone. Muting the audio on cell phone or device does not prevent feedback. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU PRACTICE USING YOUR CAMERA AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT.


  • Do not touch your phone when we bring it into the session, we will disable the audio. Keep your attention on the computer.

  • Turn on video when in Waiting Room on both your computer and your cellular phone. Turn on the audio and unmute your microphone on the computer. DO NOT accept audio on your cellular phone. Again it is VERY IMPORTANT that you decline/deny audio on your cellular phone. Don't touch your phone when we admit you to the exam room.

Know the Rules for ONLINE Exams:

  1. Paper
  2. Pen or pencils
  3. Calculators
  4. Multiple monitors
  5. iPads or Notebooks
  6. Chromebooks
  7. Linux based computers (only Mac OS or Microsoft OS)
  8. ANY Bluetooth devices!
  9. External Keyboards or Mouse on Laptops
  1. Polarizing glasses
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Hats or caps
  4. Watches
  5. Neck loops
  6. Ear bud, EarPods, or Ear wigs
  7. Headphones
  8. ANY Bluetooth devices!
  9. Any Eletronics 
  1. ANY Ham related items.
  2. Charts
  3. Formulas
  4. Notes
  5. Papers related to the exam including your PIN or instructions for the exam
  6. Drinks or food of any kind
  7. Any people or pets
  8. Calculators
  9. Notepads or paper
  10. External Keyboards or Mouse on laptops
  11. Docking Stations
  12. Unusual Wires
  13. Cameras
  14. External Microphones
  15. Homepods or smart devices
  1. Follow all instructions outlined on the website for online exams
  2. Provide a state-issued driver’s license or state-issued non-driver’s photo ID
  3. Minors must provide ID as well along with their parent presenting their ID

  4. Minors must have completed a COPPA form and emailed it in prior to exam.
  5. You must have an FRN for online exams, but do not bring it to the online sessions
  6. You may not talk during the exams or mouth the words even if no sound is coming out
  7. Keep both hands on the keyboard area in view of phone camera
  8. Always keep eyes on the screen only.
  9. You must always have audio and video on your laptop operational during the exam
  10. You must use a cellphone camera viewing across your laptop from a 90-degree angle. That clearly shows your keyboard, you, and the computer.
  11. Turn OFF Bluetooth on all your devices.
  12. Disconnect any peripherals from your devices.
  13. Turn on DND (Do Not Disturb)
  14. Use only the A, B, C, and D Keys to select your answer.   
  1. We test US Citizens and those with a US Passport or qualifying documentation as listed in the ID requirements. Failure to provide approved ID will result in exam fee forfeiture.
  2. We require a Driver’s License or State Issued ID. This must be an unexpired ID issued within the last five years or a Star ID issued within the last ten years. A US issued Passport with additional paperwork may be considered. If your identification is expired, you will need to get prior approval for the exam.
  3. We will not test anyone outdoors or in any place other than a room that can be secured.
  4. We will not test people in vehicles of any type whether moving or stationary.
  5. A noisy environment will void your exam. This includes children, machinery, traffic, etc... You would not be permitted to have anyone with you at an in-person exam and the room has to be quiet. We expect the same an online exam. Even if the noise would not distract you, it will interfere with the exam and examiners proctoring the test. Therefore, you need to insure a quiet distraction free environment for the full duration of the exam. Find a sitter, send the people outside, find another location, or attend an in-person exam.

The Exam Manager will read the PROTOCOL for ONLINE Exams:

  1. You must complete the test without any interruptions that would raise suspicion about the integrity of the testing environment.

  2. You are asked to complete the exam within your assigned 15-minute time block, which is more than enough time for most candidates.

  3. You agree to keep attention on your computer screen at all times. Eyes may not wander to other parts of the room and you may not leave your seat during the exam session.

  4. You are not allowed to read the questions or answers out-loud. You cannot talk to yourself. Mouthing the words even if no sound is coming out, is talking to yourself. 

  5. Please remove any drinks, snacks, or anything else from around your testing area that might distract you.

  6. You may not have visitors or pets in the room during the exam and after exam, so please close and lock the doors.

  7. You will use your cell phone camera to scan the room to show that there is nothing that could aid in taking the exam. By signing up for an exam, you agree that you will cover any sensitive items in the room or you consent to the scanning and recording of those items.

  8. Then you will place your cell phone, so it views you, your keyboard, and both hands during the exam. 

  9. You will NOT be able to use scrap paper, manual calculators, or any other kind of assistance, however, if you wish, you may pre-load an on-screen calculator app. Do you want to use a calculator app? Make sure you have closed all of your browsers, email, and notes (THEY MUST BE QUIT COMPLETELY), the only thing that should be open now, is your calculator app and the zoom app!

  10. You must agree to share your entire screen with the exam team, not just the browser. Do you agree to share your screen?

  11. You must agree that the exam session will be recorded and stored for up to 30 days in case of any question about a possible breach of exam protocol. Do you agree to be recorded?

  12. You must agree that if the Exam Team suspects a possibility of cheating, the exam may be terminated and the exam fee forfeited, and you would be barred from taking future online exams. Do you agree?

At this point the Exam Manager will follow this procedure: