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PARC Radio & Technology Projects & Mission

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We are an all volunteer group with members from all over the country. While the rules might seem intimidating to some, please know that we want you to have a great experience. Our team pioneered the online exam experience and will do everything we can to help you be successful in your exam. Don’t look at the rules as a roadblock. They mainly apply to people who want to cheat. If you are not trying to cheat, 90% of the rules will not have any effect on your exam. If you have any concerns or special needs, just reach out with an email and we will see how we might help you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

PARC is very well known for providing amateur radio exams all around the country. PARC is also one of the three original groups authorized by the ARRL to pioneer the Remote Video Online Testing for Amateur Radio Exams. These are not the only projects of PARC, we also provide training and presentations to community groups, youth groups, scouts, and at Auburn University. We are the VE Liaison for Auburn University Amateur Radio Clubs testing sessions and work regularly to improve the ham shack and inform college students on Amateur Radio. PARC enjoys helping other groups in the area and some distant groups as well. Our members regularly travel to Hamvention and Hamcation to volunteer as well as volunteer to provide communications and logistics support for community service projects, fundraisers, and other events throughout the south. When disaster strikes, we are ready to provide support as needed to help the community get back on its feet.

At Auburn University we work with AUARC one of the oldest continually operating college radio clubs in the country. There we provide testing, training, education, and support with hands on and technical knowledge. Together we also work with Alpha Phi Omega the fraternity of the Boy Scouts of America to provide merit badge training to hundreds of scouts on campus every year. We work with other scout groups and organizations to assist in putting on JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) and showcase amateur radio to these groups and the community with public displays and support.