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Thank you for your interest in testing for your ham radio license with us. We administer the test using the ARRL Volunteer Examiner system which consists of the standard test pool as provided for all ham testing. Please understand that we do not meet for testing if we do not have anyone taking a test. The dates published are dates that we have three or more volunteers available to test candidates should a candidate make an appointment. Do not make a trip to a test session without first confirming your appointment. Since you have requested an appointment we will have three volunteers available that day to test you. We are volunteers and are not reimbursed or paid for providing testing to hams, so please show us the courtesy of being on time for your appointment with all the needed items. It will be impossible for all of us to be notified of a change on the day of testing, so should anything come up that changes your availability to test on the day of your appointment, please notify us as early as possible. Think about how you would feel if you drove an hour to work one morning to find out that it was cancelled and you didn't know. Please remember that we give test in two different time zones. The test will be given at the appointed time based on the local time zone for that location. For all test in Alabama with the exception of Valley, Alabama, the test time is Central Time (-06:00 GMT). All tests given in Georgia and in Valley, Alabama are based on Eastern Time (-05:00 GMT). We also test in OTHER STATES, please understand the TIME in those states will be according to the LOCAL TIME at the TESTING PLACE. Please keep that in mind when making your appointment and arriving at the test location.

*** For appointment EMAIL us your name, address, cell phone number, self photo, license class(s) you will be testing for, and your call sign (if any). Please confirm the location, date, and time of the test session you are confirming an appointment for with your email. ***

Please attach photo if possible.

The locations we test in are usually public places such as restaurants, we will test at a table in the restaurant away from everyone as much as we can. We realize you may not know what we look like and we do not know what you look like, therefore, it is very helpful if you can email a photo to confirm your appointment. If you cannot do this we understand, we will be at a table with a black briefcase open to indicate we are there to test. The employees of the restaurant may or may not know who we are or anything about the testing. So please do not feel you are in the wrong place if you ask and they do not know about the testing. We will be at the testing location at the time specified. If there is traffic or some other delay we will call you on the number you provide or email you to let you know of any delay. We can provide GPS coordinates in DD.MM.MMM format for the testing location upon request.

Things you need to do for the test session:

  1. You must have a government issued photo identification card with you.

  2. You will need to have any prior issued CSCE or your license and a copy to leave with us if you are upgrading at this session.

  3. Bring $15.00 testing fee in EXACT CASH for each person testing. We do not have change available. The fee is set by the ARRL on an annual basis, this is the current testing fee. If you fail the test, we can sometimes provide an additional test for an additional fee. The test will not be the same as the one previously taken.

  4. You must email us your mailing address and phone number to confirm your appointment.

  5. Please email a recent photo of yourself (or selfie) to us if you can, it makes it easier for us to recognize you at the testing location.

  6. You cannot use, answer a call, text, or look at a cellphone or smart watch hduring the test.

  7. Bring an ink pen and a number 2 pencil for the test. A clip board could be helpful especially if the test is held outside)

  8. All scratch work can be done on the back of the answer sheet.

  9. You may bring a standard none programmable calculator with you. No programmable calculators, smart watches, or cell phones (you must turn off your phone completely and put it away).

  10. Come relaxed and take your time, testing can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Some exams are held outdoors. Only one person every six feet due to social distancing. You may not bring anyone with you to the exam. They will need to wait in your vehicle, not in or at the location of the exam. A clip board can be helpful if it is a park or other outside location to prevent papers from blowing in the wind. No subsequent exam will be provided unless advance notice and approval is given. Weather may cause a date, time, or location change.

*** EMAIL us your name, address, mobile number, self photo (if possible), license class(s) you will be testing for, and your call sign (if any). ***

There are plenty of test materials available and the questions all come from the NCVEC test bank. Here are some links to test questions and sample tests:

We have been providing test for new hams and old hams alike for many years. Every member of our team is an Extra class ham and can provide testing for all classes of licenses. The group began with myself, my wife and my three sons giving tests as a way to help others enjoy this wonderful hobby. We also assist in testing all over the country and are registered with several different testing groups including ARRL, W5YI, CAVEC, ALASKA, and many others. We provide classes and tests upon request in addition to the regularly scheduled dates and locations in Alabama and Georgia. Our group has grown since we began to include other volunteers in Roanoke, Valley, Alexander City, Auburn, Anniston, & Huntsville in Alabama Columbus and LaGrange in Georgia. We also do the testing at Southern Union and Auburn University. All of us volunteer our time to proctor your test and we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the growing community of Amateur Radio Operators around the world.
Failure to confirm your appointment may result in no one scheduling to be at the test session and it will be cancelled without notice. We do not travel to test sites without a confirmed appointment with a candidate.
*** For appointment EMAIL us your name, address, cell phone number, self photo, license class(s) you will be testing for, and your call sign (if any). Please confirm the location, date, and time of the test session you are confirming an appointment for with your email. ***
You will be emailed a confirmation of appointment for your exam date within a day or so of receipt. Many people do not realize that test sessions are held for an individual or group of individuals. Unless, it is a test being held at a hamfest, the session is only held if someone signs up to take the test. All of the VE's are volunteers and we enjoy giving people tests and helping them enter the hobby or advance their knowledge. We are more than happy to meet to test just one person or one hundred people. Since we host test sessions in many locations, we really do mean it, when we say we are happy to give you and only you a test. Because of this we can allow you a few minutes to study before testing, many of our sessions are held where there is a restaurant and you ware welcome to eat and drink while you test. If you have special requests or need a test on a different date or time, many times we may be able to accommodate your request, just ask. Please remember that you may be the only one testing. If something happens and you cannot make it, please give us at least 24 hours notice. We look forward to seeing you at the test. Thanks.