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ATTENTION: All VE’s please mute your microphone at this time.

Before we begin, we want to bring your phone into the session. Is your phone and iPhone or something else?
(If it is an iPhone ask them to click on cancel)
(If it is something else, ask them to click on your image, not any of the selections in the dialogue box)

  1. This is a timed exam, so you will need to complete the test without any interruptions.

  2. You agree to keep attention on your computer screen at all times. Don’t let your eyes wander to other parts of the room and don’t leave your seat during the exam.

  3. You are not allowed to read any questions or answers out loud and you cannot talk to yourself.

  4. You must remove any drinks, snacks, papers, or anything else that might distract you including vapes and tobacco products.

  5. You cannot have any visitors or pets in the room, so please close and lock all doors.

  6. Since you cannot use scrap paper or manual calculators, you can use an on-screen calculator app.
    Do you want to use a calculator app?

  7. Please move the calculator app all the way to the left side of your screen.

  8. You should only have on your screen the calculator app and the zoom app. All browsers, emails, notifications, and notes must not only be closed, but they have to be shut down and quit completely.


  10. Do you agree to share your entire screen with the exam team, not just the browser?

  11. Do you agree that the exam session will be recorded and stored for up to 30 days in case of any question about a possible breach of exam protocol?

  12. Do you agree that if the Exam Team suspects a possibility of cheating, they will terminate your exam, your exam fee will be forfeited, and you will be barred from taking any future online exams?


  1. Great, now please hold your driver’s license up to the camera on your computer screen close and steady.

  2. Flip it around to the back side.

  3. Put that in your back pocket or a drawer out of view along with any other papers or documents.



  1. Now take your cellphone, change to your rear camera, not your selfie camera. Stand up and step away from your computer at least 6 feet. Point your camera back toward your computer and scan the area.

  2. Standing in the center of the room, make a 360 degree turn without stopping in the same direction with your camera.

  3. Reverse your camera back to the selfie camera and place your phone where it views your monitor, keyboard, and hands.


  1. On the laptop press the “SHARE SCREEN” button at the bottom of the screen. It is the green button.

  2. Then press the “SHARE” button in the bottom right hand corner of that dialog box. It is the blue button.

  3. * DO NOT READ * Make sure all apps and processes are quit except for zoom and a calculator app.

  4. Move the calculator to the left side of the screen.

  5. Open the browser and narrow it down so that it fits between the calculator app and the zoom app. The exam is only 3 to 4 inches wide so narrow it down now.

  6. Type in the URL bar at the top of the browser “EXAM.TOOLS” and press enter.

  7. Select “JOIN EXAM SESSION”.

  8. On the top line type the callsign “KJ4PJE”.

  9. On the next line type the pin (pin number).

  10. Click “JOIN SESSION”.


* DO NOT READ * Have them position the bottom edge of the browser below, “Exam history” and above, “No exams have been taken”. This position will ensure they get the schematics with the questions.
  1. After you verify your information is correct please click “START _____ EXAM”

  2. In the top right corner, you will see the number of questions remaining. Please move your pointer up to that spot now. You will not need to use your mouse or trackpad anymore except for your calculator.

  3. When you have answered all of the questions that will change to a “GRADE EXAM” button. After you finish, press the GRADE EXAM without any further prompting from us, and we will come back with your score.

  4. To select your answers for the questions, simply press the “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D” keys on your keyboard. This will not only mark your answer, it will also automatically advance to the next question.It will bottom justify the questions because some questions have schematics above them.

  5. We will now turn off all of our video and audio so that we don’t distract you. However, you must keep both of your devices active throughout the exam.

GOOD LUCK! You may begin!


  1. Okay! You may now click the “GRADE EXAM” button and we will get your score.

  2. Click on the “FINISH AND SIGN FORMS” button, that is the gold button.

  3. Click on “FINISH AND SIGN”

  4. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and scribble your signature into the “SIGN HERE” box.

  5. Once you have finished with your signature, click on “SIGN DOCUMENTS”, the green button below the box.

  6. Click on “FINISH SESSION”.
    We will now stop recording and sharing your screen.

  7. Click on “LOG OUT”


  1. We will be emailing you a CSCE. On that CSCE there are instructions on how you can go online and get your callsign. (or upgrade) It will be available online by the end of next week.

  2. We encourage you to join the ARRL and get involved in your local radio club when you can.

  3. Thank you for taking an exam with us. We would welcome you or your friends to a future exam. We look forward to hearing you on the air soon.

  4. You are now free to leave the meeting. You can click the red “LEAVE” button in the bottom right corner of your screen to leave the session.