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Handicap Exam Info

Prior permission is required to make any modifications to standard exam protocol. If you have a legally recognized handicap that may need alternative procedures or assistance for assesibility, please email vetesting@yahoo.com
Please include full details of your full handicap and what assistance you are requesting.

Read ALL instructions and requirements for online exams before paying or registering for an exam!

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Failure to thoroughly review both the procedures page and FAQ page on our website may lead to termination of your exam. Should we grant you access to the exam room and observe that you are unprepared or have not followed the specified procedures, you will be returned to the waiting room, and the next candidate will be considered. If unpreparedness persists on a subsequent attempt, you will be required to schedule a new exam.

If your Payment email is not the same as the email you register with, we will not be able to match your payment to the exam. Make sure your name or your email match for payment and your registration. Email us immediately for any discrepancies. You may still receive a non-payment notice, since the system will not match up your payment automatically. Please be warned that variances in name and email can cause deletion.

Warning: You must be fully prepared for an online exam

How to register for a session:

  1. First you need to schedule. Do this by finding and select an available TIME SLOT using the tab “Schedule” above (A time slot is a time that you can expect to test, you will come in earlier than your time slot at the session time) This is when you pay.

  2. Pay for the exam when you schedule. (We are not a business and do not make a profit, we are all volunteers. We pay a fee to PayPal, Stripe, or the Processor when you use a credit card. Payment will be made in the schedule tab.)

  3. Watch for an email containing a link to REGISTER for the exam session. (An exam session is a time period where several applicants are testing individually)

  4. Register for the exam session. You will receive a pin number for your session. We do NOT need this for your exam. It is confirmation of registering only!


Prepare the following BEFORE your online exam session:

Privacy Information:
      Please know that getting a ham radio license will make your name and address become public information when the new license is issued. See details here: http://www.arrl.org/fcc-licensee-privacy. Social security numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses are never published. If you need to use a PO Box for mailing purposes on your Form 605, you may email your physical address to vetesting@yahoo.com in advance and state your reason and preference of keeping your physical address private. Put in the subject line, “Physical Address for Non-Public Record Only.”