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Computer Preparation

  • You may optionally have a computer calculator app on your screen during the exam. Load it in advance if you need it. You will need it to be small and placed on the LEFT HAND side of the monitor screen. Calculator must be basi, standard, or occupy the same vertical space as shown in the figure above. 

  • Download Zoom on both computer and phone and TEST them. Join audio on the computer but not the cell phone. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU PRACTICE USING ZOOM AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT. You cannot use zoom in a browser.

    If you already have a Zoom account, please LOG OUT of your Zoom account before clicking our link to join the exam. Otherwise you will be connected via your own Zoom account. You will not be offered the opportunity to correctly set the "name - computer/phone" as required in the instructions. First, open the app on both of your device(s), and sign out from your account prior to clicking on the Exam Session link. Then, join using our link in the email for both of your devices. You will then be given the opportunity to put in your name before joining the session. This is where you put your name and whether it is computer or phone. Then select to continue and join session.

  • Turn on video when in Waiting Room on both your computer and your cellular phone. Turn on the audio and unmute your microphone on the computer only. DO NOT accept audio on your cellular phone. Again, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you decline/deny audio on your cellular phone before joining or when in waiting room if you can. If not, we will bring your phone in and out of main room to disconnect audio. Do NOT put hands on phone when we are doing this, we are turning off your audio to prevent feedback. No matter what you see on the screen, do NOT pick up your phone. Pay attention to your computer only. Put your phone down.